Lifting a Metadata Model to the Semantic Multimedia World

  • Martens, Gaetan (Multimedia Lab, Dept. of Electronics and Information Systems, IBBT, Ghent University) ;
  • Verborgh, Ruben (Multimedia Lab, Dept. of Electronics and Information Systems, IBBT, Ghent University) ;
  • Poppe, Chris (Multimedia Lab, Dept. of Electronics and Information Systems, IBBT, Ghent University) ;
  • Van De Walle, Rik (Multimedia Lab, Dept. of Electronics and Information Systems, IBBT, Ghent University)
  • Received : 2010.08.20
  • Accepted : 2010.09.14
  • Published : 2011.03.31


This paper describes best-practices in lifting an image metadata standard to the Semantic Web. We provide guidelines on how an XML-based metadata format can be converted into an OWL ontology. Additionally, we discuss how this ontology can be mapped to the W3C's Media Ontology. This ontology is a standardization effort of the W3C to provide a core vocabulary for multimedia annotations. The approach presented here can be applied to other XML-based metadata standards.



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