Librarians' Perception of Kid's Catalog in Korean Public Libraries

어린이용 목록에 대한 공공도서관 사서의 인식

  • 노지현 (부산대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Received : 2011.11.24
  • Accepted : 2011.12.28
  • Published : 2011.12.30


This study intends to provide the essential data for developing kid's catalog in Korean public libraries. Focus was on the experience and perception of librarians who have provided a service for the children. To the end, this study investigated the children's information behavior and search behavior of OPAC from the viewpoint of librarians, and figured out what barriers are confronted when children are looking for reading materials. On the basis of data, discussed in details are practical considerations for kid's catalogs to improve the information access of children. The data were collected through a survey and depth interview with 29 librarians in public libraries, and referred to the existing OPAC for the discussion.