Validation of a Korean Version of the Professional Opinion Scale

한국어판 사회복지 가치 지향 척도(Professional Opinion Scale)의 신뢰도와 타당도 평가 - 사회복지 실천가를 대상으로 -

  • Received : 2011.04.10
  • Accepted : 2011.06.17
  • Published : 2011.08.31


Although social work values are stressed among social work educators as well as practitioners, empirical studies on values have been very scarce. The objective of this study is to validate a Korean Version of the Professional Opinion Scale(POS). The Korean version was validated with a sample of 325 social worker working in various types of social work agencies. A series of confirmatory factor analysis suggested that 8 items be removed, resulting in 32 items with 4 factors. The Korean version has the same factor structure as the original version of the POS reported by its developer. The Korean version of the POS are found to be a reliable and valid instrument for measuring social work values. However, validation with more representative samples is needed to improve the quality of the Korean version of the POS.