Robust Control of Induction Motor with HTheory based on Loopshaping

  • Benderradji, Hadda ;
  • Chrifi-Alaoui, Larbi ;
  • Mahieddine-Mahmoud, Sofiane ;
  • Makouf, Abdessalam
  • Received : 2009.10.08
  • Accepted : 2011.01.05
  • Published : 2011.03.01


The $H_{\infty}$ approach, adopted in this paper, is based on loop shaping using a normalized coprime factor combined with a field-oriented control to control induction motor. We develop two loops. The first one, the inner loop, controls the stator current by $H{\infty}$ controller in order to obtain good performance. The second loop, the outer one, guarantees stability and tracking performance of speed and rotor flux using a proportional integral controller. When the rotor flux cannot be measured, we introduce a flux observer to estimate the rotor flux. Simulation and experimental results are presented to validate the effectiveness and the good performance of this control technique.


Field-oriented control;$H_{\infty}$ controller;Loop-shaping;Normalized coprime factorization;Robust control of induction machine


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