A Study on Types and Contents of Asbestos in Bulk Samples

국내 석면 고형시료 중 석면의 종류 및 함유량에 관한 연구

  • Choi, Ho-Chun (Korean Industrial Health Association, Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health) ;
  • Ahn, Sun-Hee (Korean Industrial Health Association, Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health) ;
  • Hong, Jwa-Ryung (Korean Industrial Health Association, Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health) ;
  • Jeon, Bong-Hwan (Korean Industrial Health Association, Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health) ;
  • Lee, Young-Pil (Korean Industrial Health Association, Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health) ;
  • Park, Chung-Yill (Catholic Industrial Medical Center, The Catholic University of Korea)
  • 최호춘 (대한산업보건협회 산업보건환경연구원) ;
  • 안선희 (대한산업보건협회 산업보건환경연구원) ;
  • 홍좌령 (대한산업보건협회 산업보건환경연구원) ;
  • 전봉환 (대한산업보건협회 산업보건환경연구원) ;
  • 이용필 (대한산업보건협회 산업보건환경연구원) ;
  • 박정일 (가톨릭대학교 산업의학센터)
  • Received : 2011.09.02
  • Accepted : 2011.12.22
  • Published : 2011.12.31


Objectives: According to the compliance of the asbestos-related regulation, every building has to be inspected for asbestos presence before its abatement work. This study was performed for identifying the types and contents of asbestos in building bulk samples. Materials and Methods: Bulk samples were collected during the asbestos inspection in 2010. We grouped the bulk samples into the regulated asbestos containing materials(RACM), presumed asbestos containing materials(PACM), and construction products. Additionally, the types of asbestos in all bulk samples were identified by polarization microscopy(PLM). Results: The RACMs were from building, house, pipe and facility. The RACMs were found mainly building (72.1%) and house (93.7%). The contents of chrysotile in building, house and facility were 66.9% (1-90%), 89.7% (2-90%) and 11.0% (2-90%), respectively. PACMs were surfacing material, thermal system insulation (TSI), and miscellaneous material. The miscellaneous materials that showed a high detection rate (79.2%) were ceiling, roofing and wall materials. Among them, the roofing materials had high chrysotile content(9.7%, 2-21%), followed by wall (8.7%, 2-21%) and ceiling (3.4%, 1-17%). In the construction products, asbestos was found mainly in slate (92.6%, 2-21%), including chrysotile. The slate had high asbestos content (9.7%, 2-21%), followed by cement flat board (8.7%, 2-19%) and textile (3.4%, 1-17%) Conclusions: Utilizing these results, it would be contributed to construct a useful ACM database and prevent from asbestos exposure to workers in the asbestos abatement and maintenance works.


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