A study on pull-out behaviours of shotcrete steel fibers according to different shapes

숏크리트 강섬유 형상에 따른 인발 거동에 대한 연구

  • Received : 2011.01.10
  • Accepted : 2011.01.27
  • Published : 2011.01.31


This paper presents the tensile strength of shotcrete steel fibers depending on the shape of steel fiber. The experimental and numerical analyses are performed in this study. In experimental study, a series of laboratory pullout tests are carried out by changing both the angle and the length of the embedded steel fiber according to the corresponding type of steel fiber in order to derive the optimal type of steel fiber. Results obtained from the experimental work are evaluated and compared with the numerical analysis results. The results clearly show that the pull-out strength of the steel fiber are increased with increasing the hook angle and embedded angle of steel fiber. It is also found that the pull-out strength of the steel fiber is larger in case of the short steel fiber body length.


Grant : 신개념 고성능 터널지보 시스템 이론 및 지보재료 개발에 대한 연구

Supported by : 한국과학재단


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