Soil-to-Plant Transfer Factors of $^{99}Tc$ for Korean Major Upland Crops

우리나라 주요 밭작물에 대한 $^{99}Tc$의 토양-작물체 전이계수

  • Received : 2011.04.20
  • Accepted : 2011.10.04
  • Published : 2011.12.30


In order to investigate the soil-to-plant transfer factor (TF) of $^{99}Tc$ for Korean major upland crops (soybean, radish and Chinese cabbage), pot experiments were performed in a greenhouse. Soils were collected from four upland fields (two for soybean and two for radish and Chinese cabbage) around Gyeongju radioactive-waste disposal site. Three to four weeks before sowing, dried soils were mixed with a $^{99}Tc$ solution and the mixtures were put into pots and irrigated. TF values were expressed as the ratios of the $^{99}Tc$ concentrations in plants (Bq $kg^{-1}$-dry or fresh) to those in soils (Bq $kg^{-1}$-dry). There was no great difference in the TF value between soils. The TF values for soybean seeds were extremely lower than those for the straws, indicating a very low mobility of $^{99}Tc$ to seeds. As representative TF values of $^{99}Tc$, $1.8{\times}10^{-1}$, $1.2{\times}10^1$, $3.2{\times}10^2$ and $1.3{\times}10^2$ (for dry plants), arithmetic means for two soils, were proposed for soybean seeds, radish roots, radish leaves and Chinese cabbage leaves, respectively. In the case of the vegetables, proposals for fresh plants were also made. The proposed values are not sufficiently representative so successive updates are needed.


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