Analysis of Characteristics of Seismic Source and Response Spectrum of Ground Motions from Recent Earthquake near the Backryoung Island

최근 백령도해역 발생지진의 지진원 및 응답스펙트럼 특성 분석

  • Received : 2011.10.10
  • Accepted : 2011.11.18
  • Published : 2011.11.30


We analysed ground motions form Mw 4.3 earthquake around Backryoung Island for the seismic source focal mechanism and horizontal response spectrum. Focal mechanism of the Backryoung Islands area was compared to existing principal stress orientation of the Korean Peninsula and horizontal response spectrum was also compared to those of the US NRC Regulatory Guide (1.60) and the Korean National Building Code. The ground motions of 3 stations, including vertical, radial, and tangential components for each station, were used for grid search method of moment tensor seismic source. The principal stress orientation from this study, ENE-WSW, is consistent fairly well with that of the Korean Peninsula. The horizontal response spectrum using 30 observed ground motions analysed and then were compared to both the seismic design response spectra (Reg Guide 1.60), applied to the domestic nuclear power plants, and the Korean Standard Design Response Spectrum for general structures and buildings (1997). Response spectrum of 30 horizontal ground motions were used for normalization with respect to the peak acceleration value of each ground motion. The results showed that the horizontal response spectrum revealed higher values for frequency bands above 3 Hz than Reg. Guide (1.60). The results were also compared to the Korean Standard Response Spectrum for the 3 different soil types and showed that the vertical response spectra revealed higher values for the frequency bands below 0.8 second than the Korean Standard Response Spectrum (SD soil condition). However, through the qualitative improvements and quantitative enhancement of the observed ground motions, the conservation of horizontal seismic design response spectrum should be considered more significantly for the higher frequency bands.


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