Robust Image Fusion Using Stationary Wavelet Transform

정상 웨이블렛 변환을 이용한 로버스트 영상 융합

  • Received : 20110800
  • Accepted : 20111000
  • Published : 2011.12.31


Image fusion is the process of combining information from two or more source images of a scene into a single composite image with application to many fields, such as remote sensing, computer vision, robotics, medical imaging and defense. The most common wavelet-based fusion is discrete wavelet transform fusion in which the high frequency sub-bands and low frequency sub-bands are combined on activity measures of local windows such standard deviation and mean, respectively. However, discrete wavelet transform is not translation-invariant and it often yields block artifacts in a fused image. In this paper, we propose a robust image fusion based on the stationary wavelet transform to overcome the drawback of discrete wavelet transform. We use the activity measure of interquartile range as the robust estimator of variance in high frequency sub-bands and combine the low frequency sub-band based on the interquartile range information present in the high frequency sub-bands. We evaluate our proposed method quantitatively and qualitatively for image fusion, and compare it to some existing fusion methods. Experimental results indicate that the proposed method is more effective and can provide satisfactory fusion results.


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