Settling Velocity of Suspended Material in Nakdong River

낙동강 수계에서 부유물질 침강속도

  • Joe, Gyu-Soo (Department of Environment Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology) ;
  • Seong, Jin-Uk (Department of Environment Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology) ;
  • Park, Je-Chul (Department of Environment Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
  • 조규수 (금오공과대학교 환경공학과) ;
  • 성진욱 (금오공과대학교 환경공학과) ;
  • 박제철 (금오공과대학교 환경공학과)
  • Received : 2011.06.20
  • Accepted : 2011.11.21
  • Published : 2011.12.31


This study was conducted to identify the sedimentation quantity and settling velocity, sediment fundamental data that an important position of water quality management of Seston, POC, PP and PN in Nakdong river basin using a sediment traps to collect suspended material pollutants. Nakdong river basin is that average sedimentation quantity of seston, POC, PP and PN were 124~1,125 g/$m^2$/d, 2,963~25,072, 26~347, 445~2,184 mg/$m^2$/d, respectively. Settling velocity of Seston, POC, PP and PN were 17.0, 35.5, 8.7, 2.4 m/d. It was appeared that various results according to the river flow, weather and other environmental factors. There was no significant correlation, each suspended material pollutants. Sedimentation rates are likely to be overestimated because the flow is not considered to resuspended materials. Therefore diversification through continued monitoring is needed to be analyzed.


Sedimentation quantity;Settling velocity;Seston;POC;PP;PN


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