The Calendar Date of Pottery with Ring-Rim -Appearance Date of the Slim Bronze Dagger Culture and Ironware-

점토대토기의 실연대 -세형동검문화의 성립과 철기의 출현연대-

  • 이창희 (종합연구대학원대학 문화과학연구과)
  • Received : 2010.06.24
  • Accepted : 2010.08.20
  • Published : 2010.09.30


This paper estimated the calendar date of pottery with ring-rim(粘土帶土器) with the radiocarbon dating. This was based on archaeological facts with comparing line relations and radiocarbon dates of Yayoi pottery(彌生土器). As a result, I understood that pottery with circle ring-rim(圓形粘土帶土器) appeared in BC 6c, pottery with triangle ringrim(三角形粘土帶土器) appeared at the time in BC 300 . Based on the calendar date and aspect of ironware and pottery in grave, I kept in BC 4c with appearance date of ironware. And I kept in BC 5c with appearance date of the slim bronze dagger culture. Korea and Japan common chronological order were built for the first time based on radiocarbon dates, line relations of pottery with ring-rim and Yayoi pottery. This is the calendar date to date back approximately 100~300 years from the existing the calendar date. Current periodization does not match in the calendar date when I built it newly. Therefore I suggested it as follows. Early iron age is from the first~middle part BC 4c to BC 100. And the latter half of Bronze age is from BC 6c to the front appearance of ironware. Then Songguk-ri type(松菊里式) becomes staudard type of pottery in the middle stage of Bronze age.