Effects of Seeding Dates and Growth Periods on the Growth Characteristics, Dry Matter Yield and Feed Value of Corn for Silage in Paddy Field

논토양에서 파종시기와 재배기간이 사일리지용 옥수수의 생육특성, 건물수량 및 사료적 가치에 미치는 영향

  • Received : 2010.05.18
  • Accepted : 2010.10.14
  • Published : 2010.10.31


This study was carried out to investigate the effects of the seeding dates and growth periods on the growth characteristics, dry matter yield and feed value of corn for silage in paddy field. The experimental design was arranged in a randomized block design with three replications. Treatments consisted of five seeding dates, 1 May (T1), 8 May (T2), 15 May (T3), 22 May (T4) and 29 May (T5). And harvesting time homologized by August 24. Therefore, growing periods were 115 days (T1), 108 days (T2), 101 days (T3), 94 days (T4) and 87 days (T5), respectively. In maturities at harvest time, T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 were full dent, early dent, late dough, dough and early dough stage, respectively. Plant height and numbers of root system were highest in T5 (p<0.01), but leaf length was higher in T4 than others (p<0.05). Dead leaf, tip filling degree and ear circle were higher in T1 than others (p<0.05, 0.01). Leaf width, ear height, leaf number, ear length, stem diameter, stem hardness and brix were not significantly different among the treatments. Dry matter yield and TDN yield were higher in the order of T1 > T2 > T3 > T4 > T5 (p<0.01). Crude protein, crude ash, NDF, ADF and crude fiber were significantly higher in T4 (p<0.05, 0.01). But crude fat was the highest in T1, T3 was the lowest as compared to other treatments (p<0.01). Total EAA(essential amino acids) were higher in order of T4 > T3 > T1 > T2 > T5, and total NEAA (nonessential amino acids) were higher in order of T1 > T4 > T2 > T3 > T5, and total amino acids were higher in order of T4 > T1 > T3 > T2 > T5. But no significant differences were found among the treatments. TUFA (total unsaturated fatty acid) and TSFA (total saturated fatty acid) were in order of T1 > T2 > T3 > T5 > T4 (p<0.01). Minerals were the highest in T4 (4,721.25 mg/kg), and T2 (2,970.80 mg/kg) was the lowest as compared to other treatments (p<0.05). Based on the above results, seeding dates could be recommended as early May, and harvest times is yellow ripe stage for qualitative and quantitative production of corn for silage in rice paddy field soil.


Silage corn;Dry matter;Feed value;Seeding dates;Growth period;Paddy field


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