Job Analysis of Korean Oncology Advanced Practice Nurses in Clinical Workplace -Using the DACUM Method-

임상에서 활동 중인 종양전문간호사의 직무분석-DACUM 기법 이용-

  • Lee, Eun-Ryung (Department of Nursing, Samsung Medical Center) ;
  • Kwak, Mi-Kyong (Department of Nursing, Samsung Medical Center) ;
  • Kim, Eun-Ji (Department of Nursing, Samsung Medical Center) ;
  • Kwon, In-Gak (Department of Clinical Nursing Science, Sunkyunkwan University School of Medicine) ;
  • Hwang, Moon-Sook (Department of Clinical Nursing Science, Sunkyunkwan University School of Medicine)
  • 이은령 (삼성서울병원 간호부) ;
  • 곽미경 (삼성서울병원 간호부) ;
  • 김은지 (삼성서울병원 간호부) ;
  • 권인각 (성균관대학교 삼성서울병원 임상간호학교실) ;
  • 황문숙 (성균관대학교 삼성서울병원 임상간호학교실)
  • Received : 2009.10.17
  • Accepted : 2010.02.01
  • Published : 2010.02.27


Purpose: The purposes of this study were to identify job definition, duties and tasks of Korean oncology Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) and assess frequency, importance, and difficulty for each of duty and task using the DACUM method. Methods: The DACUM committee was organized with nine oncology APNs. The committee documented the job definition, duties and tasks based on their daily job descriptions. Validity of the elicited duties and tasks was tested by a study team and 6 oncology APNs. Data were collected using a questionnaire survey from 53 oncology APNs. Results: The job description of oncology APNs was identified 12 duties and 66 tasks. Among the twelve duties, 'education for patients/families' was the most frequently performed and was the most important duty. 'Case management' was the most difficult duty. Among 66 tasks, 'providing education for patients/families' was most frequently performed. 'Providing education for patients/families' and 'assessing patient condition comprehensively' were the most important tasks. 'Implementation research' as the principal investigator was perceived as the most difficult task. Conclusion: In this study, Korean oncology APNs' job performances were identified and analyzed. It is recommended that job description for oncology APNs needs to be standardized and reshaped in advanced way in future.


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