Control Effects of Benzylideneacetone Isolated from Xenorabdus nematophilla K1 on the Diseases of Redpepper Plants

Xenorhabdus nematophilla 유래물질 벤질리덴아세톤의 고추 병해 방제 효과

  • 박수진 (안동대학교 생명자원과학부) ;
  • 전미현 (안동대학교 생명자원과학부) ;
  • 천원수 (안동대학교 생명자원과학부) ;
  • 서지애 ((주)B&L agro) ;
  • 이영근 (안동대학교 생명자원과학부) ;
  • 김용균 (안동대학교 생명자원과학부)
  • Received : 2010.06.11
  • Accepted : 2010.07.23
  • Published : 2010.08.01


A monoterpenoid benzylideneacetone (BZA) is a bacterial metabolite isolated from culture broth of an entomopathogenic bacterium, Xenorhabdus nematophila K1. It was tested in this study the control efficacy of the metabolite against two major fungal diseases occurring in red-pepper plants. BZA exhibited significant antifungal activities against Phytophthora capsici and Colletotrichum acutatum. Under natural light conditions, the antifungal activity of BZA was maintained for more than sixty days. The antifungal activity of BZA was not lost even in soil because the incidence of Phytophthora blight against red-pepper plants was significantly reduced when the suspensions of P. capsici were poured to the rhizosphere soils mixed with BZA. Application of the BZA suspension spray to the fruit surface infected with C. acutatum significantly suppressed the disease occurrence of anthracnose on the red-pepper plants. These results suggest that BZA can be used to develop a promising agrochemical to control phytophthora blight and anthracnose of redpepper plants.


Supported by : 농촌진흥청


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