Estimation of Survival Function and Median Survival Time in Interval-Censored Data

구간중도절단자료에서 생존함수와 중간생존시간에 대한 추정

  • Yun, Eun-Young (Department of Nursing, College of Medical and Life Science, Silla University) ;
  • Kim, Choong-Rak (Department of Statistics, Pusan National University)
  • 윤은영 (신라대학교 의생명과학대학 간호학과) ;
  • 김충락 (부산대학교 통계학과)
  • Received : 20100400
  • Accepted : 20100500
  • Published : 2010.06.30


Interval-censored observations are common in medical and epidemiologic studies; however, limited studies exist due to the complexity and special structure of interval-censoring. This paper introduces the imputation method and the self consistency method in the interval-censored data. We propose a new method of generating random numbers under an interval-censoring set-up. Through simulation studies we compare two methods under various simulation schemes in the sense of the mean squared error for estimating the median survival time and the mean integrated squared error for estimating the survival function. Under a moderate censoring percentage, the mean imputation method showed a better performance than the self-consistency method in estimating the median survival time and the survival function.


Supported by : 부산대학교


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