Neuroprotective effects of consuming bovine colostrum after focal brain ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat model

  • Choi, Han-Sung ;
  • Ko, Young-Gwan ;
  • Lee, Jong-Seok ;
  • Kwon, Oh-Young ;
  • Kim, Sun-Kyu ;
  • Cheong, Chul ;
  • Jang, Ki-Hyo ;
  • Kang, Soon-Ah
  • Received : 2010.03.13
  • Accepted : 2010.05.12
  • Published : 2010.06.30


To investigate the neuroprotective effects of bovine colostrums (BC), we evaluate the ability of consuming BC after focal brain ischemia/reperfusion injury rat model to reduce serum cytokine levels and infarct volume, and improve neurological outcome. Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into 4 groups; one sham operation and three experimental groups. In the experimental groups, MCA occlusion (2 h) and subsequent reperfusion (O/R) were induced with regional cerebral blood flow monitoring. One hour after MCAO/R and once daily during the experiment, the experimental group received BC while the other groups received 0.9% saline or low fat milk (LFM) orally. Seven days later, serum pro-inflammatory cytokine (IL-$1{\beta}$, IL-6, and TNF-${\alpha}$) and anti-inflammatory cytokine (IL-10) levels were assessed. Also, the infarct volume was assessed by using a computerized image analysis system. Behavioral function was also assessed using a modified neurologic severity score and corner turn test during the experiment. Rats receiving BC after focal brain I/R showed a significant reduction (-26%/-22%) in infarct volume compared to LFM/saline rats, respectively (P < 0.05). Serum IL-$1{\beta}$, IL-6, and TNF-${\alpha}$ levels were decreased significantly in rats receiving BC compared to LFM/saline rats (P < 0.05). In behavioral tests, daily BC intake showed consistent and significant improvement of neurological deficits for 7 days after MCAO/R. BC ingestion after focal brain ischemia/reperfusion injury may prevent brain injury by reducing serum pro-inflammatory cytokine levels and brain infarct volume in a rat model.


Focal brain ischemia/reperfusion;bovine colostrum;cytokines;neuroprotection


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