Advanced Practice Nurse System and Unlicensed Medical Practice

전문간호사 제도와 무면허 의료행위 - 대법원 2010.3.25. 선고, 2008도590 판결 중심으로 -

  • Received : 2010.05.09
  • Accepted : 2010.06.10
  • Published : 2010.06.30


There is a system in Korea named "Advanced Practice Nurse System" qualified by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs for Advanced Practice Nurse besides nurse licence. Medical practice is, in today's medical law, understood as a general concept colligating medical practice, nursing practice and midwife practice and so on, for it is defined as a deed of medical technique practiced by medical personnel. Referring to the fact that the Supreme Court recognizes medical personnel as people who have medical expert knowledge, nursing practice can be recognized as a region of medical business and therefore it is not necessary to prescribe nursing practice separately from the definition of medical practice on a precedent, because nurse belongs to medical personnel. According to the precedent regarding 'Unlicensed Medical Practice of Advanced Practice Nurse for Anesthesia' recently sentenced by the Supreme Court, the medical practice is only allowed a doctor because it is 'in need of special knowledge and experience because of high danger on human body' and it is judged to be an unlicensed medical practice prohibited in medical law if it is to be done by a nurse. When considering the actual situation that System for Advanced Practice Nurse for Anesthesia is established under the circumstance that an anesthetist is in want and therefore the operation has not been performed on time, and that it is being expected an anesthetist to be in need, it is necessary to legislate for the range of medical practice of Advanced Practice Nurse so that Advanced Practice Nurse System can be practically legalized, for the role of Advanced Practice Nurse has the great possibility of shrinking because the precedent has considered Advanced Practice Nurse for Anesthesia doing anesthetic operation in clinic today as a potential wrongdoer.