An Analysis of the Preference for Physical Interactive Game Console by Domestic Game Users_focus on Nintendo Wii

체감형 콘솔에 대한 국내 게임유저들의 선호도 분석_닌텐도 위(Wii)를 중심으로

  • Chang, Hee (Game Design, Div. of Design, Dongseoul College)
  • 장희 (동서울대학 디자인학부 게임디자인)
  • Published : 2010.04.20


This paper is an analysis of the domestic game users preference for physical interactive game consol-Nintendo Wii. The on-line game is the biggest share in korean game market and the 20's is the laregest generation in domestic game users. We conducted the surveys and group discussion to find out how the 20's game users prefer the new console and new type games. I hope the result of survey will assist the development of new game console and new game type.


Supported by : 동서울대학 산업기술연구소


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