The Study on Jacket pattern in Craftsman Women's Wear Pattern Examination

양장기능사실기시험의 재킷 패턴 연구

  • Park, Mi-Kyeoung (Dept. of Fashion Design, School of Textile Engineering & Fashion Design Kyung pook National University) ;
  • Song, Jung-A (Dept. of Fashion Design, School of Textile Engineering & Fashion Design Kyung pook National University)
  • 박미경 (경북대학교 섬유패션디자인학부 패션디자인) ;
  • 송정아 (경북대학교 섬유패션디자인학부 패션디자인)
  • Received : 2010.08.11
  • Accepted : 2010.09.08
  • Published : 2010.12.31


To work in the fashion industry which has entered the digital age, and in specialization and high-industrialization age, one needs to attain various skills required for the qualifications of a fashion specialist. For these, qualification certificate systems are enacted to nurture specialized technical personnel, and among these, a jacket pattern is selected from the practical examination of Western-style dress skill prepared for nurturing specialist who can design, cut, and sew women's clothing, to be compared and analyzed against the existing printed practical textbooks, technical books of making clothes which used as college textbooks, and local documents of theoretical study documents. The methodology of the research is to select 8 samples for the study, analyze the identity with the design, and then cut applying the identical dimensions and compare the measurements, and make the clothes using each cutting methods, and inspect to find the consistency with the design and made statistical analysis. As a result, we designed and made research patterns, and suggested a jacket pattern design to patterns simply that suits the design fast.


Fashion specialist;Jacket pattern;Research pattern


Supported by : 경북대학교


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