Effects of α-Galactosidase Supplementation on Performance and Energy Metabolism for Broilers Fed Corn-non-dehulled Soybean Meal Diets

  • Zhang, Bo ;
  • Cao, Yunhe ;
  • Chen, Yiqun ;
  • Li, Yihang ;
  • Qiao, Shiyan ;
  • Ma, Yongxi
  • Received : 2010.03.04
  • Accepted : 2010.04.05
  • Published : 2010.10.01


To study the effects of ${\alpha}$-galactosidase (${\alpha}$-Gal) supplementation on performance and energy metabolism, 216 Arbor Acres male broilers were placed in 36 cages of 6 birds each and allotted to 4 diets for 42 d, with 0-21 d as starter period and 22-42 d as grower period. The 4 diets were based on corn non-dehulled soybean meal in a $2{\times}2$ factorial arrangement, with 2 levels of ${\alpha}$-Gal (0 vs. 60 U/kg feed) and 2 levels of ME (normal metabolizable energy (NME) and low metabolizable energy (LME)). Bird performance was obtained at 21 and 42 d of age with samples of feces collected for nutrient digestibility from 19-21 d and 40-42 d. At 21 and 42 d, 1 bird from 6 cages of each treatment was killed to determine liver weight, intestinal pH and chyme viscosity. With the addition of ${\alpha}$-Gal the 42 d body weight (BW) and 0-42 d average daily gain (ADG) were significantly improved (p<0.05). Average daily feed intake (ADFI) of birds fed the LME diet was significantly increased compared to those fed the NME diet during starter (p<0.01) and grower (p<0.05) periods and overall (p<0.01). There was an interaction of ${\alpha}-Gal{\times}ME$ on 0-21 d ADFI (p<0.01). Supplementation of ${\alpha}$-Gal significantly improved (p<0.01) feed efficiency during the grower period and overall. Feed efficiency of birds fed the LME diet was significantly decreased (p<0.05) compared to those fed the NME diet during the starter period and overall. With the addition of ${\alpha}$-Gal apparent metabolizable energy (AME) was improved (p<0.01) by 2.1% and 1.8% during starter and grower periods, respectively. There was a main effect (p<0.05) of ${\alpha}$-Gal on the digestion of neutral detergent fiber (NDF) during the starter period and crude protein (CP), NDF and acid detergent fiber (ADF) during the grower period. With the addition of ${\alpha}$-Gal, the relative weight of liver was reduced (p<0.01) during the two phases. The duodenal and jejunal pH were significantly decreased (p<0.01) with the supplementation of ${\alpha}$at the two phases. ${\alpha}$-Gal addition reduced (p<0.01) chyme viscosity of the ileum during the starter and grower periods. Overall, ${\alpha}$-Gal showed a major effect on nutrient efficiency, improved ADG and feed efficiency, whereas LME decreased feed efficiency. The incorporation of ${\alpha}$-Gal into a LME diet could at least partially offset ME deficiency of non-dehulled soybean meal.


${\alpha}$-Galactosidase;Metabolizable Energy;Broilers Performance;Non-dehulled Soybean Meal


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