Characterization of In-plane Shear Behaviors of Woven Fabrics by Bias-extension and Trellis-frame Tests

편향 인장 및 트렐리스 시험에 의한 직물 복합재료의 면내 전단 물성 평가

  • 이원오 (한국기계연구원부설재료연구소 복합재료연구그룹) ;
  • 엄문광 (한국기계연구원부설재료연구소 복합재료연구그룹) ;
  • 변준형 (한국기계연구원부설재료연구소 복합재료연구그룹) ;
  • Published : 2010.10.30


Three types of glass woven fabrics (plain, balanced twill, and unbalanced twill) having various sample sizes and aspect ratios were tested using the bias-extension tests. Real-time deformation images, force, and displacement data were collected. For the bias-extension test, the shear angle of the fabrics from the equation based on the crosshead displacement and fabric size was compared with direct manual measurements of the warp and weft angles as well as the optical measurement software. To determine the shear force, an analytical equation was introduced considering the kinematics of the bias-extension test. The obtained shear behaviors were further compared with the results by the trellis-frame test. The optical measurement methods showed that the mathematical method was reasonable before the shear angle of the fabrics reaches $30^{\circ}$ in the bias-extension tests. Also, the bias-extension test gave consistent behaviors with the trellis-frame test only for isotropic and homogeneous fabrics such as balanced plain and twill weaves.


Grant : 구조용 다기능성 마이크로/나노 복합재료 개발

Supported by : 교육과학기술부, 한국기계연구원


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