Development of Functional Beverage (SanYa) from Fermented Medical Plants and Evaluation of Its Physiological Activities

산야초를 이용한 기능성 발효음료개발 및 생리활성 연구

  • Published : 2010.01.30


This study was investigated to analyze the contents of flavonoid compounds and the effects of fermentation on the physiological activities of medical plants, also known as SanYa (SY). Antioxidative activity of the fermented SanYa (FSY) was measured by using DPPH radical scavenging and SOD-like activity. DPPH radical scavenging and SOD-like activity of FSY were 94.3% and 45.0%, respectively. Nitric oxide (NO) synthesis was increased 11 times through the addition of FSY. However, NO production of the macrophages RAW264.7 cells stimulated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) was reduced to 56% through the addition of FSY. FSY showed fibrinolytic activity and indicated about 69.8% and 73.7% of xanthine oxidase and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activities, respectively. These results suggested that FSY plays a significant role in fibrinolytic activity and have strong xanthine oxidase and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activities.


Fibrinolytic activity;ACE inhibition;antioxidative activity;nitric oxide;xanthine oxidase

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