Normalised rotation capacity for deformability evaluation of high-performance concrete beams

  • Zhou, K.J.H. (Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong) ;
  • Ho, J.C.M. (Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong) ;
  • Su, R.K.L. (Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong)
  • Received : 2010.04.07
  • Accepted : 2010.07.22
  • Published : 2010.09.25


High-strength concrete (HSC) is becoming more popular in the construction of beams and columns of tall buildings because of its higher stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio. However, as HSC is more brittle than normal-strength concrete (NSC), it may adversely affect the flexural ductility and deformability of concrete members. Extended from a series of theoretical study conducted on flexural ductility of concrete beams, the authors would in this paper investigate the effects of some critical factors including the degree of reinforcement, confining pressure, concrete and steel yield strength on the flexural deformability of NSC and HSC beams. The deformability, expressed herein in terms of normalised rotation capacity defined as the product of ultimate curvature and effective depth, is investigated by a parametric study using nonlinear moment-curvature analysis. From the results, it is evident that the deformability of concrete beams increases as the degree of reinforcement decreases and/or confining pressure increases. However, the effects of concrete and steel yield strength are more complicated and dependent on other factors. Quantitative analysis of all these effects on deformability of beams has been carried out and formulas for direct deformability evaluation are developed. Lastly, the proposed formulas are compared with available test results to verify its applicability.


Supported by : The University of Hong Kong


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