Physical modelling of a downdraft outflow with a slot jet

  • Lin, W.E. (Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, The University of Western Ontario) ;
  • Savory, E. (Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, The University of Western Ontario)
  • Received : 2009.09.15
  • Accepted : 2010.03.03
  • Published : 2010.09.25


This article provides a time-resolved characterisation of the wind field in a recently-commissioned, downdraft outflow simulator at The University of Western Ontario. A large slot jet approach to physical simulation was used. The simulator performance was assessed against field observations from a 2002 downdraft outflow near Lubbock, Texas. Outflow wind speed records were decomposed according to classical time series analysis. Length scales, characterising the coarse and fine flow structure, were determined from the time-varying mean and residual components, respectively. The simulated downdraft outflow was approximately 1200 times smaller in spatial extent than the 2002 Lubbock event.


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