Design Study of a Large Diameter Backward Wave Oscillator on Slow Wave Instability Analysis

지파 불안정성 해석에 의한 대구경 후진파발진기의 연구

  • 김원섭 (전남도립대학 전기에너지시스템과)
  • Published : 2010.01.01


We have designed the backward wave oscillator operating at 24 GHz. From the research which sees researches in the goal which will design and will produce K-band BWO where is a backward wave oscillator which departs from cycle prisoner 24 GHz until now is higher. To design Chrencov instibility and branch of family used a slow cyclotron instibility. Calculation used a dispersion relation and in order for as the box over-flow not to happen, a asymtotic expansion. Used a beam mode and a waveguide mode and axial symmetry and expense used in compliance with sattle point interpreted the relationship of axial symmetry.


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