Super Thin 0.25 mm Thickness White LED Lamp with PCB Type Lead Frame

0.25 mm 초박형 두께를 가지는 회로기판형 리드프레임 백색 LED 램프

  • 유순재 (선문대학교 전자공학과, (주)희성전자) ;
  • 김도형 (선문대학교 전자공학과, (주)희성전자)
  • Published : 2010.01.01


0.25 mm thickness super thin surface mounted device LED Lamp is developed with PCB type lead frame in which BT (Bismaleimide Triazine) resin is used. BT resin is removed by a laser beam in order to reduce the thermal resistance below $1\;^{\circ}C/W$ and transfer molding is used with silicone. Compared to conventional 0.4 mm thickness LED lamp, the developed LED lamp can be derived in high current and the luminance of the LED lamp is increased up to 240 mA.


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