Study on Low Temperature Bonding Technology for Optical PCB with Polymer Intermediate Layers

광PCB를 위한 폴리머 저온 접합기술 연구

  • Published : 2010.01.01


As the demands for the higher data transmission speed and capacity as well as integration density grow throughout the network, much works have being done in order to integrate the Electrical PCB with Optical PCB. However, one of the most troublesome problems in the commercial bonding process is to need the high temperature for the bonding. Due to the high temperature bonding process, lots of side problems are followed such as warpage and crack, etc. In this paper, we tried to develop the new bonding technology with low temperature around $100^{\circ}C$. As a result of this study, the PCB bonding technology with high bonding strength is demonstrated with the value of bonding strength from 7 to 8 MPa at the temperature of $100^{\circ}C$.


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