Wear Patterns and Mechanisms of Cutting Tool in Cutting of Machinable Ceramics

가공성 세라믹 절삭에서 공구의 마멸 패턴과 메카니즘

  • Received : 2009.07.12
  • Accepted : 2010.10.11
  • Published : 2010.10.31


When the ceramic material is being machined, micro crack and brittle fracture dominate the process of material removal. Generally, ceramics are very difficult-to-cut materials and machined using conventional method such as grinding and polishing. However, such processes are generally cost-expensive and have low material removal rate. Machinable ceramics used in this study contain BN powder to overcome these problem and for productivity elevation. This paper focuses on machinability evaluation during end mill process with CNC machining center in this study. Experiment for this purpose is performed for tool wear patterns and mechanism.


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