OsAREB1, an ABRE-binding protein responding to ABA and glucose, has multiple functions in Arabidopsis

  • Jin, Xiao-Fen ;
  • Xiong, Ai-Sheng ;
  • Peng, Ri-He ;
  • Liu, Jin-Ge ;
  • Gao, Feng ;
  • Chen, Jian-Min ;
  • Yao, Quan-Hong
  • Published : 2010.01.31


Expression patterns of OsAREB1 revealed that expression of OsAREB1 gene can be induced by ABA, PEG and heat. Yeast one-hybrid assay demonstrated it can bind to ABA-responsive element (ABRE), which was found in most stress-induced genes. Transgenic Arabidopsis over-expressing OsAREB1 had different responses to ABA and glucose compared to wild-type plants, which suggest OsAREB1 might have a crucial role in these two signaling pathways. Further analysis indicate that OsAREB1 have multiple functions in Arabidopsis. First, OsAREB1 transgenic plants had higher resistance to drought and heat, and OsAREB1 up-regulated the ABA/stress related gene such as RD29A and RD29B. Second, it delayed plant flowering time by down-regulating the expression of flowering-related genes, such as FT, SOC1, LFY and AP1. Due to the dates, OsAREB1 may function as a positive regulator in drought/heat stresses response, but a negative regulator in flowering time in Arabidopsis.




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