Seasonal Variation of Surface Sediments in the Dongho Beach, Gochang-gun, Korea

고창군 동호 해빈 표층 퇴적물의 계절 변화

  • Received : 2010.08.11
  • Accepted : 2010.11.18
  • Published : 2010.12.31


The Gochang-gun Dongho macro-tide pocket-type beach, located on the southwestern coast of Korea, is investigated in terms of the seasonal variations of surface sediment and sedimentary environment. Surface sediments of 45 sites in four seasons (May 2006-February 2007) are sampled across three survey lines (15 sites in each survey line). The surface sediments of the Dongho Beach are mainly composed of fine to coarse sands, and the ratio of fine sand is the largest. The average of grain size is the coarsest in the summer. The spatial distribution of surface sediments shows a coast-parallel band of fine and medium sands during three seasons of spring, fall, and winter, whereas medium sands dominated in the northern part of the study area during the summer. These results suggest that a tide is more effective than a wave in the surface sediments of the Dongho Beach during the summer.


Dongho Beach;seasonal variation;surface sediment;macro-tide


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