Design of Step-down DC-DC Converter using Switched-capacitor for Small-sized Electronics Equipment

소형 전자기기를 위한 스위치드 커패시터 방식의 강압형 DC-DC 변환기 설계

  • Kwon, Bo-Min (Department of Nano Systems Engineering, Center for Nano Manufacturing, Inje University) ;
  • Heo, Yun-Seok (Department of Nano Engeering, Inje University) ;
  • Song, Han-Jung (Department of Nano Engeering, Inje University)
  • 권보민 (인제대학교 나노시스템공학과) ;
  • 허윤석 (인제대학교 나노공학부) ;
  • 송한정 (인제대학교 나노공학부)
  • Received : 2010.10.21
  • Accepted : 2010.12.17
  • Published : 2010.12.31


In this paper, a Step-down CMOS DC-DC Converter using low power switched capacitor method is designed in a 0.5 ${\mu}m$ technology for the integration of devices. Conventional DC-DC converter is used inductor that can store energy in a magnetic field but have low efficiency because power consumption is caused by magnetic flux. And there were problems with size, weight and price to integrate chip. In this paper, a proposed Inductorless step-down CMOS DC-DC converter of low power using SC method is designed in a 0.5um technology to solve these problems. Designed DC-DC converter have 96% power efficiency with 200kHz frequency by using cadence simulation.


Switched capacitor;DC-DC converter;SC generator;PWM


Supported by : IDEC(IC Design Education Center)


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