A Kinetic Study on the Synthesis of Dimethylcarbonate by Using Immobilized Ionic Liquid Catalyst

고정화된 이온성 액체 촉매를 이용한 디메틸카보네이트 합성 반응에 대한 속도론적 고찰

  • Kim, Dong-Woo (Department of Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University) ;
  • Kim, Dong-Kyu (Department of Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University) ;
  • Kim, Cheol-Woong (Korea Research Institute of chemical Technology) ;
  • Koh, Jae-Cheon (Korea Research Institute of chemical Technology) ;
  • Park, DaeWon (Department of Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University)
  • 김동우 (부산대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 김동규 (부산대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 김철웅 (한국화학연구원) ;
  • 고재천 (한국화학연구원) ;
  • 박대원 (부산대학교 화학공학과)
  • Received : 2010.02.18
  • Accepted : 2010.03.15
  • Published : 2010.06.30


Ionic liquid immobilized on mesoporous amorphous silica was prepared from the coupling of 1-(triethoxysilylpropyl)-3-n-alkyl-imidzolium halides with tetraethyl orthosilicate(TEOS) through template-free condensation under strong acidic conditions. The immobilized 1-n-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium bromide ionic liquid on amorphous silica(BMImBr-AS) was proved to be an effective heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate(DMC) from transesterification of ethylene carbonate(EC) with methanol. High temperature, high carbon dioxide pressure and long reaction time were favorable for the reactivity of BMImBr-AS. Kinetic studies based on two step reactions revealed that the proposed reaction model fitted well the experimental data. The apparent activation energy was estimated to be 67.4 kJ/mol.


Ionic Liquid;Immobilization;Kinetic Study;Dimethyl Carbonate


Supported by : 환경부, 국가연구재단


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