Effects of Foot Baths on Stress and exhaustion for high school senior students -A comparative study on the aroma oil and fermentation extract-

족욕이 수험생의 스트레스 및 피로에 미치는 효과 -아로마 오일과 발효추출물의 비교연구-

  • Oh, Hee-Sun (Dept, of Beauty Esthetics, Graduate School of Art of Hansung University) ;
  • Gang, Gyeong-Ho (Dept, of Beauty Esthetics, Graduate School of Art of Hansung University)
  • 오희선 (한성대학교 예술대학원 뷰티예술학과) ;
  • 강경호 (한성대학교 예술대학원 뷰티예술학과)
  • Published : 2010.01.31


In the twenty first century, people experience a lot of stresses by psychological, social and environmental impetus. If the stress is excessive, it can become a problem and finally lead to diseases. Foot bath makes the body warm starting with the feet, controls the blood circulations and autonomic nervous systems. This study aims at examining the effects of stress and fatigue of senior students preparing for college entrance examination by foot bath with the aroma essential oil and the fermentation extracts. The experimental period was from March 30 to April 18, 2009. The study objects were 21 senior students of C Girls' High School in Cheonan. They were divided into 3 groups and treated 20 times. The first group was a foot bath group with Artemisia Herbal fermentation extracts. The second group was a foot bath group with the blending aroma essential oil of grapefruit, cypress and cedarwood. The third group was not treated. In the case of difference of physical and psychological stress, there was a reduction of 18.43 and 16.71 for the fermented extract group and 10.71 and 9.43 for the aroma group, while a reduction of 0.43 and 0.29 for the control group, respectively. This shows that foot baths using fermented extracts and aroma had lower physical stress compared to the control group (p<.01). For the difference of fatigue, there was a reduction of 19.14 for the fermented extract group, 11.57 for the aroma group and 0.07 for the control group, showing that foot baths accompanied by fermented extracts and aroma used in this study having lower fatigue compared to the control group (p<.01). The fermented extract group (M=55.71) had the highest level of satisfaction after foot baths, followed by the aroma group (M=49.14) and the control group (M=33.29). Duncan's post hoc test showed that there was a statistically considerable difference between the tests groups and control groups (p<.01). Through the results of this study, it was found that foot baths using bathing supplements were very effective for reducing stress and fatigue.


Students;stress;Exhaustion;Foot bath;Fermentation extract;Aroma oil


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