A Design of Position Tracking System for Moving Targets with Multi-Sensors

다중센서를 이용한 이동표적의 위치추적시스템 설계

  • Lim, Joong-Soo (Division of Information and Communication, Baekseok University)
  • 임중수 (백석대학교 정보통신학부)
  • Published : 2010.01.31


In this paper we present a position tracking system that checks the locations of moving targets in real-time. The system confirms that unknown object invades in watch area using 2 infrared sensors and detect the distance from each sensor to object using 4 ultrasonic sensors, and calculate the position of moving object in x-y coordinate. We specially present an algorithm that decide the location of target in case of target is detected in 2 sensors because of radiation beam width of ultrasonic sensor. We established the algorithm to hardware system and tested the system within a laboratory, and confirmed that the designed system tracked an object exactly in real-time.


Sensor;Ultrasonic;Position tracking;Infrared Sensor;Location


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