Variations in Marine Environments and Phytoplankton Community around Mokpo Harbour

목포항 주변해역의 수질 및 식물플랑크톤 변동 특성

  • Cho, Eun-Seob (Southwest Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI)
  • 조은섭 (국립수산과학원 남서해수산연구소)
  • Received : 2010.06.11
  • Accepted : 2010.10.25
  • Published : 2010.11.30


This study was carried out to determine marine environments and phytoplankton community around Mokpo harbour on March to November during the period of 2004-2009. The remarkable fluctuations of marine environments were shown around Mokpo harbour depending on monthly and yearly. Among seasons, summer was a great that was associated with extremely releasing the freshwater from Youngsan River Weir, contributing to effect the fluctuations of water quality. Nevertheless of monthly and yearly, the molecular ratio of N:P was always shown in above 16 that was mainly attributed to freshwater discharge on March to November. This indicates that phosphorus playes an important role in limiting factor as growth in phytoplankton. During this study, Skeletonema costatum was found to be richer than the other groups of diatoms in terms of abundance and species number. Mokpo harbour, with the presence of a narrow avenue for exchange with offshore waters, has limited growth in phytoplankton, but this species is able to well adapt and fast grow under even high level of suspended solid and low intensity of light compared with other species. The discharge of freshwater is associated with significantly fluctuation of marine environments in this region, but it does not affect the quantitative and qualitative distribution of phytoplankton. It is necessary to persistently monitor based on water quality and phytoplankton community.


Phytoplankton;Youngsan River Weir;Water quality;Skeletonema costatum;Freshwater discharge


Supported by : 국립수산과학원


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