Development of Evaluation Items for Play Ability & Operation Management in Golf Course

골프장의 경기성 및 운영관리 향상을 위한 평가항목 개발

  • 석영한 ((주)서브원 곤지암컨트리클럽) ;
  • 문석기 (청주대학교 환경조경학과) ;
  • 이은엽 (한국토지공사 국토도시연구원)
  • Received : 2008.07.28
  • Accepted : 2009.02.16
  • Published : 2009.02.28


The purpose of this study is to discovered assessment items for improving athletic efficiency and management of golf courses. Through this, the study intended to provide basic data for creating competitive golf courses and management. Important assessment items were selected by inducing preliminary assessment items and conducting a preliminary survey and a main survey for specialists through a theoretical study. For the survey results studied, reliability and average value for importance were calculated using SPSS/PC Window Release 12.0. As assessment of importance by assessment area, in athletic efficiency assessment, course management level was the highest, followed by fairness of games and operation of games. In management assessment, importance of service level, information management, facility management, management of game assistants, etc. were high. As assessment of importance by assessment item, it was found that 'variety of golf shot' and 'the length of a course' were important in course layout. Also 'start interval among teams' and 'disturbance of play' were assessed as important items in game operation, while 'fair reservation' and 'rounding rotation time' were important in fairness of games. In addition, in information management, 'kind service of golf course staffs' and 'prompt reservation and notification' were found to be important assessment items. In facility management, all assessment indexes were over 4.0, which means all of them are important for quality of golf course and competitiveness. In membership service, 'appropriate price of goods for sale' and 'service for members' were relatively important assessment items. Further, in management of game assistants, 'qualifications and skillfulness of game assistants' was assessed as a very important index. Although the current study only selected important items to assess excellent golf courses, it is necessary to apply the study results to the actual sites and verify them for golf course both at domestic and abroad.