A Plan for Construction of the National Electrical Safety Grid to Prevent the Fires Caused by Electrical Faults

전기화재 예방을 위한 국가전기안전망 구축 방안

  • 임용배 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 전정채 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 박찬엄 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 배석명 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 고원식 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원)
  • Published : 2009.09.30


In this paper, in order to monitor and manage an electrical risk factor like as leakage current, load current, and arc-fault, a real time monitoring and management system being operated in the ubiquitous environment was developed, and a plan of construction of an electrical safety grid using the system was proposed. For confirmation of usefulness and reliability of the proposed safety system and grid, the developed intelligent panels were applied to 28 Korean traditional houses in Jeonjoo city, and the grid including the panels was operated. If the proposed National Electrical Safety Grid is completely constructed in the houses of general electrical users, the Grid will have an effect on that a main manager on electrical safety transfers from management system by general people to real-time management system by expert. As a result, the electrical fires caused by an over-load, an arc-fault, and an earth-fault will be prevented.


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