Comparison of Yield and Forage Quality of Silage Corns at Different Planting Dates

파종시기에 따른 국내 육성 사일리지용 옥수수의 수량 및 사료가치의 품종간 비교

  • Published : 2009.09.30


This study was conducted to evaluate yield and forage quality of domestic silage corn hybrids at different planting dates. Days to silking of Suwon169 and P3394 were 62 days, respectively, the shortest among corn hybrids and Gangdaok was the longest. Cheonganok was more resistant to lodging than other hybrids. Kwangpyeongok and Gangdaok were more excellent to stay-green than other hybrids. Ear ratios to total dry matter of other domestic hybrids except Gangdaok were similar with those of DK697 and P3394. Ear ratios to total dry matter were similar in planting dates, May 3 and May 21 with 46% and 45% but June 11, low with 41%. Fresh yield of Gangdaok was the highest of all hybrids and other hybrids except Gangdaok were similar. Dry matter (DM) yields of domestic hybrids except Cheonganok were similar to those of DK697 and P3394. Total digestible nutrients (TDN) yields of domestic hybrids were no significant difference compared with those of DK697 and P3394. Fresh yield, DM yield and TDN yield of all hybrids were similar in planting dates, May 3 and May 21 but those of all hybrids were reduced in planting date, June 11 compared with May 3 and May 21. All hybrids were no significant difference in acid detergent fiber (ADF) which had values ranging from $44.2{\sim}46.2%$. All hybrids were no significant difference in neutral detergent fiber (NDF) which had values ranging from $58.1{\sim}59.9%$. There were no significant differences in ADF and NDF according to planting dates. Relative feed value (RFV) of P3394 was the lowest of all hybrids. Other hybrids except P3394 had values ranging from $84.1{\sim}85.0$ and was no significant difference in RFV. It is concluded that domestic hybrids tested in this study have high forage quality as well as high production similar to those of imported corn hybrids.


Silage corn;Planting date;Yield;Dry matter;TDN


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