Improvement Methods in NPP's Radiation Emergency Plan: An Administrative Approach

행정적 대응을 중심으로 본 원전 방사선비상계획 개선방안

  • Lee, Yoon-Wook (Ulchin Nuclear Power Site, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,LTD) ;
  • Yang, He-Sun (Ulchin Nuclear Power Site, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,LTD)
  • 이윤욱 (한국수력원자력 울진원자력본부) ;
  • 양희선 (한국수력원자력 울진원자력본부)
  • Published : 2009.09.30


The Radiation Emergency Plan (REP) can be divided into a technical and an administrative responses. The domestic NPP's REPs are reviewed from the viewpoint of the administrative response and improvement methods are also suggested in this treatise. The fields of the reviews are the composition of the emergency response organizations, the activation criteria of the organizations, the selection of the staffings and the reasonableness of the REP's volume. In addition, the limitations of the current radiation exercises are reviewed and the improvement method of the exercise is presented. It is expected that the suggested recommendations will be helpful in establishing useful REPs and making practical radiation exercises in Korea.


  1. 고리, 월성, 영광, 울진원자력본부 방사선비상계획서
  2. 원자력시설등의 방호 및 방사능방재대책법 및 관련 시행령, 시행규칙, 교과부 고시
  3. 원전안전 표준매뉴얼 및 실무매뉴얼
  4. NUREG-0696 Functional Criteria for Emergency Response Facilities