Natural Background and Enrichment Characteristics of the Stream Sediments from the Hamyang-Sancheong Area

함양-산청지역 하상퇴적물의 자연배경치 및 부화특성

  • 박영석 (조선대학교 자원공학과) ;
  • 박대우 (국립문화재연구소) ;
  • 김종균 (조선대학교 공동실험실습관)
  • Published : 2009.06.28


We investigated natural background and enrichment characteristics and predicted geochemical disaster for stream sediments in the Hamyang-Sancheong area. Stream sediments samples were collected 95 ea in study area. The stream sediments were well known that had not possibility of contamination effect and represented drainage basins. We got the major and hazardous elements concentrations by XRF, ICP-AES and NAA analysis methods. Acid decomposition for the ICP-AES has been used $HClO_4$ and HF with $200^{\circ}C$ heating at 1st and after that $HClO_4$ HF and HCl with $200^{\circ}C$ heating at 2nd stage. We could know the characteristics that concentration of Cu and Co decreased when concentration of $SiO_2$ increased in correlation analysis. The enrichment factor of the stream sediments was below 2 in study area. This result indicated that study area belonged to moderate enrichment. The stream sediments of Hamyang area were enriched in order of Pb>Th>Cr>V>Co>Cu and those of Sancheong area were enriched in order of Pb>Th>Cr>Co>V>Cu. The enrichment factor(E.F.) of the Pb, Cr, Co and V was similar between Hamyang and Sancheong area. The enrichment factor of the Th was higher in Hamyang area and that of the Cu was higher in Sancheong area. The enrichment factor of the Pb was highly enriched in all study area than earth crust mean. But we could know that study area was not exposed to the pollution of the Pb through the tolerable level.


stream sediments;correlation analysis;dispersion;enrichment factor


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