Exhaust Noise Control of Marine Diesel Engine Using Hybrid Silencer

조합형 소음기를 이용한 박용 디젤 엔진 배기 소음 제어

  • 이태경 (현대중공업 진동소음연구실) ;
  • 주원호 (현대중공업 진동소음연구실) ;
  • 배종국 (현대중공업 기술개발본부)
  • Published : 2009.07.20


Low frequency exhaust noise of marine diesel engine is one of the most important noise sources in vessels. However, conventional absorptive silencers are ineffective to control exhaust noise because of low absorption in the low frequency range. In the paper, exhaust noise control of marine diesel engine was studied by using the hybrid silencer, which was composed of virtually divided array of concentric hole-cavity resonators and conventional absorptive silencer. A series of tests including field tests were performed to investigate the acoustic performance of the hybrid silencer. Consequently, its high performance of 5${\sim}$10 dB noise reduction in the low frequency range was confirmed and it is expected to be very helpful in reducing the exhaust noise of marine diesel engine.


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