Four Species of the Genus Atylus from Korea (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Dexaminidae)

  • Kim, Young-Hyo (Department of Life Science, College of Advanced Sciences, Dankook University) ;
  • Lee, Kyung-Sook (Department of Life Science, College of Advanced Sciences, Dankook University)
  • Published : 2009.07.31


Four species of the genus Atylus belonging to the family Dexaminidae are reported from the eastern and southern coasts of Korea. Three of these species are redescribed as new records of this country: Atylus (Atylus) ekmani (Gurjanova), A. (A.) matsukawaensis Hirayama and Takeuchi and A. (Kamehatylus) japonicus Nagata.


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