Analysis Method of Signal Integrity for Mobile Display Circuit Modules

모바일 디스플레이 회로 모듈의 시그널 인티그리티 해석 기법

  • Lee, Yong-Min (Dept. of Information Display, Sun Moon University)
  • 이용민 (선문대학교 정보디스플레이학과)
  • Published : 2009.07.25


This paper addresses the simulation methodology of signal integrity and power integrity for mobile display modules. The proposed technique can be applied to analyse a circuit module which consist of connector, FPCB and driver ICs. The recent demand of serial interconnection technology in the mobile display industry needs delicate impedance control of signal and power traces to prohibit system malfunctioning and to reduce electromagnetic field radiation. Based on the S-parameter and Z-parameter analysis, we analyse the correlation between frequency-domain and time-domain measurements. With multi-port macros, signal integrity can be included in power integrity analysis in time domain.


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