A Review on Professional non-MD Genetic Counselors for Education and Accreditation in Korea

비의사 전문 유전상담사의 교육 및 자격의 인증을 위한 소고

  • Kim, Hyon J. (Department of Medical Genetics, Ajou University Medical School) ;
  • Doh, Seong Tak (Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science, Daegu Health College)
  • 김현주 (아주대학교 의과대학 의학유전학과) ;
  • 도성탁 (대구보건대학 임상병리과)
  • Published : 2009.12.31


This short review was aimed to provide the information for the people who are interested in genetic counselor education and certification system in Korea. A large part of this study is indebted to HJ Kim's articles on the genetic counselor system, the global standards of genetic counseling curriculums, training program accreditation (TPA), and a certification process for genetic counselors (CPGC) in the US and Japan. The US and Japanese educational systems showed a high degree of similarities in curriculum, accreditation, and certification programs. Based upon this review, we hereby propose that the Korean Society for Medical Genetics should take a key role in providing the TPA and CPGC for non-MD genetic counselors. Requirement for the entrance to a Master's degree genetic counseling program should be open to successful four year undergraduate students for all areas, provided the candidates demonstrate the abilities to master the graduate level study in human genetics, statistics, psychology, and other required subjects. Besides accredited program graduates, eligibility for certification should also include the qualified candidates of genetic counseling with no formally approved education, but with a sufficient amount of clinical experience.