Estimating Volumes and Expenditures of Inland Water Fish Consumption

내수면어종 소비시장 분석

  • 이희찬 (세종대학교 호텔관광경영학과)
  • Published : 2009.06.30


The objective of this research was to estimate the size of consumption market for inland water fishes. Volumes and expenditures of a total of sixteen fishes consumed in 2007 were estimated based on a module developed. Data were collected through sample surveys of 3,081 households and 291 restaurants dealing with inland water fishes. On the basis of the results, people consumed an estimated 39.5 thousand ton as a whole on inland water fishes. An average person consumed 5.961 times and 1.136kg per year. An annual expenditure of 1,609.7 billion won was estimated. The total was divided 1,450.1 billion won on fishes(90%) and 1,595 billion won on shellfishes(10%). A typical consumer spent 41,668 won on fishes and 4,584 won on shellfishes, averaging about 46,300 won overall. Water eel was top in volumes and expenditure, while mudfish in consumption frequency.


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