Localization of Unmanned Ground Vehicle using 3D Registration of DSM and Multiview Range Images: Application in Virtual Environment

DSM과 다시점 거리영상의 3차원 등록을 이용한 무인이동차량의 위치 추정: 가상환경에서의 적용

  • Published : 2009.07.01


A computer vision technique of estimating the location of an unmanned ground vehicle is proposed. Identifying the location of the unmaned vehicle is very important task for automatic navigation of the vehicle. Conventional positioning sensors may fail to work properly in some real situations due to internal and external interferences. Given a DSM(Digital Surface Map), location of the vehicle can be estimated by the registration of the DSM and multiview range images obtained at the vehicle. Registration of the DSM and range images yields the 3D transformation from the coordinates of the range sensor to the reference coordinates of the DSM. To estimate the vehicle position, we first register a range image to the DSM coarsely and then refine the result. For coarse registration, we employ a fast random sample matching method. After the initial position is estimated and refined, all subsequent range images are registered by applying a pair-wise registration technique between range images. To reduce the accumulation error of pair-wise registration, we periodically refine the registration between range images and the DSM. Virtual environment is established to perform several experiments using a virtual vehicle. Range images are created based on the DSM by modeling a real 3D sensor. The vehicle moves along three different path while acquiring range images. Experimental results show that registration error is about under 1.3m in average.


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