Effect of Immediate Dynamic Balance Ability of Chronic Low Back Pain on Maitland's Manual Therapy

메이트란드 도수치료가 만성 요통환자의 즉각적인 동적 균형능력에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2009.06.28


There has been a diversity of therapeutic interventions for patients with chronic low back pain. However most of them have been focused on only pain. But the patients usually have a kind of structurally abnormal have fixed in lumbar vertebrae, which can decrease range of joint movement and, what is worse, reduce immediate dynamic balancing ability(IDBA). The reduced IDBA can increase the risk of injury and decrease coping ability in dangerous situation. So we introduced Maitland's manual therapy in this study in order to recover the IDBA in patients with chronic low back pain. Sixty-four patients diagnosed with chronic low back pain were included for the study. Among them, thirty-two patients(experimental group) were managed by Maitland's manual therapy, another thirty-tow patients(control group) were treated by physical science methods(H/P, TENS, U/S). Each group made use of highly reliable(0.81$\sim$0.96) star excursion balance test(SEBT) to compare the possible changes of IDBAs in two groups after treatment. In experimental group, IDBA has increased in forward, rightward, leftward, and backward, but in control group, not changed. According to the results, we concluded that Maitland's manual therapy is effective for increasing IDBA by making joints more flexible in lumbar vertebrae.


Chronic Low Back Pain;Immediate Dynamic Balancing Ability;Manual Therapy


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