A Design of X-Band Microstrip Array Antenna

X대역 마이크로스트립 배열 안테나

  • Published : 2009.05.30


In this paper, we designed the array antenna for FMCW radar in X - band frequency, and we chose stacked structure for improvement of narrow bandwidth. The array antenna is implemented on the circuit board which is relative permittivity 2.33 and the stacked patchs are designed on the circuit board which is relative permittivity 4.6. A Foam which has a similar permittivity of air is added to keep the particular gap between array antenna and the stacked patch. The result of array antenna has characteristics that a half-power beam width is $10.6^{\circ}$ and antenna gain is 18.70 dBi and bandwidth is 1.25GHz at the design frequency of 9GHz. The result of the array antenna with the stacked structure has that the half power beam width is $15.17^{\circ}$ and the antenna gain is 15.85dBi and bandwidth is 2GHz. It is needed to improve the antenna gain as keeping bandwidth in same level.


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