Utterance Verification using Phone-Level Log-Likelihood Ratio Patterns in Word Spotting Systems

핵심어 인식기에서 단어의 음소레벨 로그 우도 비율의 패턴을 이용한 발화검증 방법

  • Published : 2009.03.30


This paper proposes an improved method to verify a keyword segment that results from a word spotting system. First a baseline word spotting system is implemented. In order to improve performance of the word spotting systems, we use a two-pass structure which consists of a word spotting system and an utterance verification system. Using the basic likelihood ratio test (LRT) based utterance verification system to verify the keywords, there have been certain problems which lead to performance degradation. So, we propose a method which uses phone-level log-likelihood ratios (PLLR) patterns in computing confidence measures for each keyword. The proposed method generates weights according to the PLLR patterns and assigns different weights to each phone in the process of generating confidence measures for the keywords. This proposed method has shown to be more appropriate to word spotting systems and we can achieve improvement in final word spotting accuracy.