A Development of GUI Full-Energy Absorption Peak Analysis Program for Educational Purpose

전 에너지 흡수 피크 분석용 GUI 기반 교육용 프로그램 개발

  • Published : 2009.06.30


To obtain precise information about characteristics of gamma ray detector system responses, we developed new GUI computer program to analize full-energy absorption peak using our developed Delphi computer code for educational purpose. By use of the well known 4 nonlinear peak shaping functions, peaks were fitted with least square fit method in this code. In this paper, we described the methods to search for 12 coefficients in above 4 nonlinear peak shaping functions by use of our developed code in details. The computer code was tested for 1 $\mu$Ci $^{137)Cs$ 661 keV gamma ray peak spectrum detected by 25 % relative efficiency HPGe detector with 5.35 cm (D) $\times$ 5.5 cm (L) size.


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